24/7 Service

Portable Spot Cooler rentals are available for any emergency or last minute needs. Give us a call and we can deliver to you at any time.  

Quick Delivery and pick up

The spot cooler will be delivered to the designated location and set up to ensure the unit is working properly. Once you no longer need it we will come by to pick up the unit.

Easy to use

A Portable Spot Cooler employee will set up the unit but you also can control the temperature and placement. The unit is simple, easy to use and reliable. 

Portable Spot Coolers

Portable Spot Coolers, a division of Filter Maintenance Company, provides portable and supplemental cooling rental equipment. Our equipment is self-contained and on rollers for easy placement to provide spot cooling where you need it most. Spot cooling rentals are ideal for temperature control for large or small businesses.

Spot cooling is ideal for temporary or emergency needs in areas such as:

Construction Sites

Server Rooms

Data Centers



Government Buildings

These units are environmentally friendly, easily controlled and programmable for individual needs. For effective spot cooling needs call Leighann at 713-471-7308.